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Our companies have been very busy during the first months of 2018 – as usual. The summary of the very good sale results for the previous year were provided by Answear and MCI has appeared on Hungarian market, as well, with the newest investiment of Netrisk – we're intensively developing the company. We also announced the sale of Lifebrain company. Please find the short summary of the events from the first months of this year below.  
  The significance of this sector has increased, which brought the successes of Answear or Group companies. The dynamical development of e-commerce is paired with the innovative technological solutions, which are complementing the development of multi-channel sales. Artificial Intelligence or machine learning enable first and foremost the personalization of the services, increasing the comfort of the consumers, while also providing the optimization of the costs related to the business. The innovative economy's growth will be profitable for fintech companies, as well as those connected with digital ecosystem.  
The company has noted an increase in sales by 70% in 2017. Answear is present in six CEE markets and over 50% of income is generated outside Poland. Currently, the company is investigating the possibility of entering new markets. Read more →
The company announced a plan to merge with Lithuanian Pigu, also in MCI's portfolio. Moreover, Morele Group has noted an increase in sales by 40% and has acquired two more e-commerce shops: and A number of e-commerce verticals are developed organically. Read more →
MCI.EV has acquired company – a leader in the Hungarian InsurTech market. It's first investment of MCI in Hungary. The value of the transaction was EUR 56.5M. Netrisk will now try to develop similar business models in other markets of the region. Read more →
The PMI (post-merger-intergration) process introduction has been finalized. The companies operate as one organization according to the common strategy of sales and business development. Additionally, Dotcard has joined Cashless Poland programme, which will enable it to participate in the market's terminalization project. Read more →

MCI.EuroVentures sold all owned shares in the company. The final transaction will generate 22% IRR. Investment team wants to use the experience from lifebrain and is looking for new companies in healthcare sector to add to the portfolio.
Read more →

iZettle is the leader of mobile payments acceptance market in Europe and Latin America. The company has announced that it intends to reach the IPO-ready stage level in 2018. Read more →
MarketInvoice is the biggest e-factoring platform in Europe, part of MCI. TechVentures wallet. The company has exceeded the amount of GBP 2B in processed money. Read more →
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