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Dear Anna Brewer,


Today is a big day and we need your help.


This morning, Open Cages and The Times revealed a new undercover investigation, showcasing shocking conditions on multiple UK broiler farms. The farms belong to Hook2Sisters and Moy Park, companies that supply major UK retailers, such as Tesco. See the the truth we uncovered by watching the video below. Warning: graphic content.

Link to investigation
Birds that struggle to stand under their own weight. Many more that don’t have enough space to even spread their wings. Bins full of corpses, of birds who couldn’t survive the horrific farms, and bodies just inches away from their living peers. This morning thousands of the public will see how chickens really live.
Companies such as Tesco make profit out of farms just like this. We need you to help us change it. Here’s how: click the link below to leave a polite comment on Tesco's pinned Facebook post. This is a tried and tested method to get their attention and make them respond to the public.

Click here to leave a comment on Tesco's FB page!

Remember to be polite but uncompromising.

Despite frequent communication from Open Cages, Tesco is still refusing to address the suffering on their broiler farms. But with this investigation and your support, we can create a storm that they can’t ignore. It’s time we make Tesco carry their responsibility.

Thank you in advance.



Connor Jackson
Open Cages UK
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